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eHireForms – Benefits of New Hire Onboarding Software

Onboarding software simplifies every step in the new hire process. It saves time not only for the new hire completing the paperwork but also the HR staff and managers required to review and process the paperwork.

Benefits of Onboarding Software for the New Hire

Our onboarding software has one of the simplest user-friendly interfaces out there. It was designed to be very intuitive because we know that most employees will only touch the system a few times a year, at most. Some of the features on our onboarding software that simplify the onboarding experience for the new hire are:
  • 100% Safe and Secure - Because much of the information given in the new hire forms is personal and confidential, we take very serious the issue of security. The data entered is encrypted and is physically protected in a locked down, armed facility with prestigious redundant server technology.
  • Online 24/7 Access - This allows new hires to jump online wherever it is convenient for them, near their family’s social security numbers, with a spouse to decide benefits, when there is time to concentrate without outside distractions.
  • Save and Return Capabilities - If a new hire is in the middle of completing their paperwork and are called away unexpectedly, their information is stored at the step they are currently on. They are able to sign out and return at their convenience without loosing any data.
  • Enter Once, Populate Many Functionality - Because many forms require the same pieces of information, we have eliminated the redundancy altogether by asking a series of questions and then using the answers to populate the information in each form that requires it. This saves your new hire a lot of time and reduces input errors.
  • Help buttons and Tutorials - Our goal is to make our oboarding software so simple that an employee won’t have any questions. However, if they do have questions while completing their paperwork, there are help buttons located throughout the system that give greater detail on a specific area. There are also tutorials that walk them through the process step by step.
  • Electronic Complete, Sign and Submit - Your new hire will be able to jump into the system and complete every step in the onboarding process electronically including electronic signatures and submission. If they would like a paper copy at any point in time, they can simply take the populated pdf and print it out for their records. It is as simple as that.
  • Other Languages Available - If a large percentage of your new hires’ first language is something other than English, we can translate the input questions, directions, and help buttons into that language for you to make the process more clear and more simple for them.
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Benefits of Onboarding Software for HR Departments

Using an onboarding software to bring your new employees onboard and up to speed not only simplifies the life of the new hire, it significantly reduces the time you and your department spend on processing new hire paperwork. Some of the features for HR are:
  • Electronic I-9 Resolution - Once an employee completes their forms online, you are able to view them immediately. With one click you can view the forms at your fingertips, even the Form I-9. Once opened, you can view the appropriate identification and complete the Employer side of the I-9 and electronically sign and save.
  • Unlimited Storage - No more remembering required storage periods, purging, shredding, and storing paper employee files. We securely store employee forms indefinitely and have them available whenever you need them.
  • On Demand Printing - Although our onboarding software can make employee forms 100% paperless, you can print the forms you need whenever you want. This can be done one at a time or in a bulk print in case of audit or changes to your process.
  • Import and Export Capabilities - We know that your employee data is important in so many aspects of the day to day business. With a few clicks you are able import resumes, employee review documents, etc. to create a complete employee file. With a few different clicks you are able to prepare a file that can easily exported and used in a variety of other HR and business systems such as HRIS, payroll and others.
  • Search and Reporting - If you ever need to find an employee’s paperwork, it is a snap. You can easily search and access their information in the system. You are also able to run reports on any new hires in the past year, month, etc and other reports that will assist you in better managing you new hires and their integration into your company.
  • Required Fields Reduce Risk - When your new hires go into our onboarding software to enter their information, certain fields that can be set as required and they will not be able to sign or submit their paperwork without these fields being completed. This is essential for you because you can ensure that every document that comes to you is complete, legible, and have less cause for errors.
  • Cost Savings in Paper and Files - Depending on how many new hires and the percentage of employee turnover your company has, you may be spending quite a bit on paper, printing, storage, mailing, scanning and shredding just to maintain your employee files. Having all of the files online and accessible whenever you need them will save your organization money. No doubt about it!
  • Customizable New Hire Packet - Our goal is to replace your current new hire process and simplify it for you along the way. We take the forms that you currently use and consolidate the fields for quick employee input and return you a familiar pdf form on each employee that is required to complete that paperwork.
  • eVerify Integration within the Onboarding Software - Verifying the working status of your new hire is becoming increasingly important every day. Heavy fines can be charged for hiring someone that is not legal to work in the United States. Within our onboarding software, you are able to click to send and receive verification from the government on your new hire’s legal right to work.
  • No Software to Download - Our onboarding software is a 100% SaaS, there is never any software to install or hardware to buy. The system is secure, web-based, accessible, and very simple to use.
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